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1) Listing on 

Listing your products and services on is FREE (do it yourself) or We can do it on your behalf for a small fee. 

for more info email: [email protected]
or private message InterestPin Team (Please login to send private message)

2) VIP Pin

Your pin will be promoted on top of the page. 

Price Options

To use VIP Pin:
- Sign up an account on InterestPin.
- Create a board and start adding pins. You can use Pin It Button, Upload a pin or Add from website. 
- Select a pin to promote. That's all :)

3) Banner Ads

We have joined network to bring you more saving and provide you a stronger ads network.
When you place an ad on, you ad will be promoted on InterestPin and also across Btab Ads network.
However, you still can advertise direct with us without going through Btab Ads network. 
Contact us: [email protected] or Private message InterestPin Team . (Please login to send private message)  

Special Offer
For just $5 a day, you ad will be promoted across Btab Ads network + a VIP pin on InterestPin.
We can also assist in setting up your ad.
for more info email: [email protected]
or private message InterestPin Team (Please login to send private message)

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